October 28, 2012

Musthave FUR



Hello lovely readers,
Winter is coming, temparatures went down pretty damn fast this week so time for FUR :-) How do you like this combination of fur and leather? I'm hooked! I'm wearing the nicest FAKE fur from ModeMusthaves.com. I like the length a lot, makes it more chic.
 What I've been up to lately? Working for ModeMusthaves pretty much became not only my work but a true passion so you could say that a lot of time goes to work....but I don't mind, actually I love it!
In the weekend I'm spending time with friends, family and of course the BF!
Something new in these pictures which you don't see quite often: my hair in a bun! Decided to wear the 'Sylvie Bun' today and quite like it!
Happy sunday everyone!
FUR: ModeMusthaves.com shop it HERE
SHOES: Converse All Stars
SEQUIN CLUTCH: Primark (new collection!)
NECKLACE: Forever 21


August 6, 2012

Colorswitch your iPhone

Say hello to my little neon pink friend :-)

How cool is this, right? In less than five minutes you can completely change and personalize the look of your iPhone :-)

With these amazing 'stickers' especially made for the iPhone 4 by Colorswitch.nl
Choose your color online for only € 19,95 and start switching that black or white case of your iPhone :-)

After receiving your iPhone Colorswitch you are only a few steps away from this colorful transformation!

Take a good look at the pictures above, they will speak for themselves but of course a few tips:
  • Make sure that your iPhone is clean, just use a dry towel to take most of the 'sticky' fingerprints away, don't use any chemical products!!
  • Start with the front sticker , than the back and at last the sideways
  • The stickers are easy adjust,  don't worry about the stickers if they are a little misplaced. Just take them of slowly and try again

How long will this switch last?
It al depends on how you treat your iPhone. These stickers could last several months, so be a little careful and you'll enjoy this Colorswitch for a long time!

What if I want to remove the stickers?
As easy as they are adjusted , easier is the removal. Just take them off and the stickers won't leave any glue or sticky parts...and you have your boring, oops sorry, black or white iPhone again :-))

Easy does it :-) 

And if there are any boys/men reading my blog: Yes, Colorswitch also has manly designs like Carbon of Matt Grey . 



July 29, 2012


Busy weeks my readers... I know my blog could need some more updates but I'm in between two jobs at the moment so trying to end my job at Ralph Lauren in the best possible way so I can have a fresh start next wednesday at Modemusthaves.com

This weekend was full of cleaning, groceries and visiting family. No partying but this just feels so good, waking up fresh  and early on a sunday!
What to think of this outfit, with my new booties I've bought in Paris at Zara? They are from the new winter collection but I couldn't wait any longer.....Just had to wear them :-)

BOOTIES - Zara / JEANS - Lee / TEE - Zara / BRACELETS - Lucies, Beadies, Barong / NECKLACE - self made / LEATHER  MINI BAG - Kipling