September 27, 2014

Home sweet home

Some small details from our home! I'm such an interiorjunkie, I can't stop buying decoration such as pillows, candles, baskets. But a cosy home really makes me a happier girl :) Have a nice Saturday 

Love, Ellis

September 24, 2014


Yesterday I had a day off, because it was a very special day for me :) My BF and me were celebrating our 4th anniversary! Gosh, time really flies with him, maybe because I'm having the best time ever. We went on a date together to 'Rijksmuseum' in Amsterdam, we had some drinks after that in the city and went for our all-time favourite food: sushi!

Love, Ellis 

Blazer: Zara
Leopard jeans: ModeMusthaves
Pouch bag: ModeMusthaves
Bracelets: ModeMusthaves
White tee: COS

September 21, 2014

Lovely Sunday

Boy oh boy, how I love Sundays :) Sun is out, curled my hair, wearing my new coat, zippin' on fresh juice, life is good. You have to enjoy those little things  to the fullest!

Love, Ellis

Coat: Primark
Tee: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: All Star
Bag: ModeMusthaves
Glasses: Clubmaster by Ray-Ban
Necklace: ModeMusthaves

September 20, 2014


Ok, a confession (of a shopaholic ;-) I totally have an magazine addiction! Vogue, L'Officiel, Jalouse, Numero, Bazaar, etc..etc.. I go crazy for a good cover and amazing photos in a magazine. That's what attract me the most, the photoshoots and I mostly like black and white photography. I buy these magazines every month here in the Netherlands but I also have 'tradition' when I'm abroad, I don't want to leave without at least one magazine added to my bagage. For work I travel often so that means I get to feed my addiction often, BIG plus :) I also use the magazines as a perfect decoration in our home, on the shelves, our tables and many other ways.

Love, Ellis 

The sky is blue

And so are my shoes ;) Enjoying this Saturday to the max after a crazy busy week for work. It's really time to reload my battery and get some rest, what are you up to?

Shoes: Isabel Marant Bekket Sneakers ( perfect KO)
Jeans: Zara
Tee: Zara
Bag: ModeMusthaves

September 15, 2014

The sky is the limit

A perfect quote to add to this re-start of my blog ;-) Never stop dreaming and always try to do your best to live your dream. If you work your ass off, stay positive and true to yourself and it might not work out the way you wished for, you will still be satisfied and proud that you really tried.

Love, Ellis

Recap outfits

Some outfits from the past month! As you can see many styles, never the same ;-) i really love to experiment as fashion is just such fun to play with. What is your favorite?

Magic Monday

Morning everyone,
Monday is for most people the worst day of the week (yes, including me) but I just try to make the best of it! How do I pull that off? By putting on a superduper fun outfit that just instantly makes me happy Happy Monday :-)

Love, Ellis

Coat - H&M
Jeans - Zara
Shirt - Tommy Hilfiger
Hat - Primark
Shoes - All Star

September 14, 2014

Make your house, your home

If you're already following me on Instagram (if not, shame on you and go to: Ellis_MM) you've must figured out that besides my number one passion in life (duh ;-) fashion!) lifestyle is another huge thing for me. I love to decorate our cosy home with new candles, flowers and even magazines become the perfect wall and table decoration. Nothings looks better than a cleaned house with fresh new roses and some nice accessories. Nothing makes me more happy, because not every house feels like a home, you have to create that yourself. 

Love, Ellis

New journey

Good day,

Long time no see :-) Time to start a new journey in blogging land or as I like to call it 'fashionland'
No long posts, zillion photo's, just a daily journal of my journey through fashionland. 
Hair changed, job changed, style changed (that's a never ending story, always exploring new styles) but I'm just that same girl who loves to share her passion. Have fun on my blog and let me know what you think! X

Sweater/bag/shoes - all ModeMusthaves 
Ripped denim jeans - Zara